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BINXY BABY® Shopping Cart Hammock

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Meet BinxyBaby, the stylish shopping cart hammock that keeps your baby safe while you shop.  With plenty of room to add groceries and other items below, the portable Binxy Baby is a parent’s dream come true.

Get Your Groceries Without Worrying About Your Little Bundles

Who better than a busy mom of four kids to invent a product that makes the everyday tasks for parents easier? Lisa Pinnell hit the limit when she put her baby in the car seat right in the shopping cart, practically losing him under piles of bread and coffee. There had to be a better way!

After some research into the issue of cart safety and children—and the distressing discovery that 24,000 children a year are treated in hospitals because of shopping cart-related injuries—she invented the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™. This innovative hammock keeps baby snug, safe and secure while mom and dad shop. T
he simple to use seat clips on to most shopping carts and allows parents to place items under the baby. At the end of the trip, the seat folds up and can be tucked into a diaper bag, quickly and easily. 


Binxy Baby is available in several stylish colors and patterns including: Full Bloom and Indigo Dream (the newest additions), Triangle, Grey and Aqua Quatrefoil and classic Black.



Binxy Baby can even be used with baby’s carseat! While it’s unsafe to place a car seat on the cart, as it’s not balanced and could tip, the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ can hold an infant car seat, making those midwinter bundled up trips easier and secure, with the included safety strap.

The Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ can be used for infants until a child can sit upright without assistance, anywhere up to 50 lbs. The seat will fit any standard size metal or plastic shopping cart, up to 24 inches wide. 


Shopping with one little one can be a handful, let alone two or more.  Fortunately, Binxy Baby allows you to do just that, they can easily be placed next to each other in the same cart while still leaving room for groceries or other items. Binxy Baby also allows parents to shop with their toddler and baby, safely.

The safety features on the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ have been rigorously tested and exceed most standards!

And a few words from some happy customers: 

Casey O. — The Binxy Baby holder makes shopping a dream. I know my little guy is safe while I stroll the aisles. And, I can fit all of my groceries in my cart which was impossible with the car seat.  

Christine M. — What a parenting game-changer! Baby Emma hates the carseat so grocery shopping was a challenge. But she LOVES the Binxy Baby hammock & now, shopping is a breeze. It’s a lifesaver for this mama! The bonus is EVERYONE stops to admire how cute she looks in it.

Erica Elizarraraz, The Simple Chic Brunette — From the moment the twins were born, I’ve had this fear of going to the store alone without my hubby, my mom or my sister. At 4.5 months I finally gained the courage to take the girls out for a little shopping adventure. This wasn’t because I told myself “Oh hey you can push a stroller and a cart at the same time.” It was because I came across the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock. Life just got a little bit easier. It’s an incredible invention and rolls up nicely to fit into your handbag or diaper bag. Easy Peasy!


Available in all patterns online and in stores across the nation!

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