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Hot Springs Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, is one of my favorites

Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, is one of my favorites!  I think of sushi as edible art.  Like an artist with canvas, a good sushi chef can combine flavors and textures and the presentation ends up as a colorful palette for your palate.  Sushi can be also be healthy and delicious.  We have a couple of good sushi restaurants in Hot Springs, and we now have the addition of another great one: Crazy Samurai Japanese Steakhouse N Sushi Bar!

Sushi quality can be measured several ways. The freshness and quality of the ingredients (especially the fish), the ratio of fish or other fillings to the rice, and presentation are all very important.  Also essential to put a sushi restaurant on my excellent list is the creativity of the sushi menu.  Of course atmosphere and all of the other restaurant requirements are needed to make it to the top of the food chain…  (Pun intended, I’m soy soy sorry)  Crazy Samurai’s quality will impress you!

I know there is a certain segment of the local population who won’t try raw fish sushi.  Please open your minds (and your mouths) and give sushi a stab.  Of course there are many sushi options using cooked fish or fresh vegetables, but I recommend anything with Crazy’s tuna and white tuna.  Generally speaking there are three ways to order sushi: 1) Sashimi is just very thin slices of delectable raw fish. 2) Nigiri, or finger sushi, is fish on top of an oval ball of seasoned rice with a small smear of spicy wasabi. 3) The most popular is Maki, or rolls.  Maki rolls can be regular, with the nori (seaweed) on the outside, or inside-out, with the rice on the outside.  Most sushi restaurants, including Crazy Samurai, offer traditional/classic rolls and their own signature specialty rolls.  This is where menu creativity makes a difference, and Crazy Samurai’s menu is a standout!

The Maki specialty rolls at Crazy Samurai are very imaginative and include the Gucci Roll.  This designer roll is tuna and cucumber topped with thinly sliced Black Angus filet mignon, white tuna and marinated crab stick with a special sauce.  This is served wrapped in foil and on an oval plate, then alcohol is fired up on the plate.  This burns for a couple of minutes and the result is slightly seared beef and tuna with a warm and scrumptious sauce.  This is a really unique presentation and Crazy has several other “Fire” rolls available.  The Caribbean Roll is tuna, salmon, red snapper, crab meat and mango rolled in rice paper then served with oriental chili sauce and ponzu (a citrus/soy base) sauce.  You will love this.  If you like spicy, try the 911 Roll.  This is spicy crab and cucumber topped with spicy tuna, jalapenos and a hot sauce.  A real hottie!  I am an Eel fan.  Eel is pre-cooked and is very light and a bit sweet.  I love the Eel Roll on the classic roll menu, but I have them add avocado.  The Classic and Specialty roll menus seem almost endless.  Needless to say, when putting together these menus, the sushi chef was on a roll…

Crazy Samurai has several Hibachi grills.  I like to sit at a grill particularly when I’m with a large group.  The chef always makes this fun with lots of jokes and stunts.  Patrick, the owner of Crazy Samurai, starts his show with stretching exercises…hilarious!  I always taunt the chef that “the yokes on them” as they prep the egg for the fried rice.  Patrick has a unique way of breaking the other eggs on the grill.  I say “you crack me up”.  The hibachi is all about fun, and you have to get in the spirit.  One way to get into the spirit is to try the spirits!  Crazy Samurai has an excellent TyKu Saki as well as beer and wines, although a limited selection.

At a hibachi grill, you also have many menu choices.  Various steaks, shrimp, scallops, tuna, swordfish, lobster or salmon are all available, or there are numerous combo options.  If you prefer veggies, you can get grilled organic tofu with mixed vegetables.  There are other cooked menu items available without sitting at a grill such as Sea-bass.  This is superb!  Crazy has a great Miso soup…it makes miso happy!!

Crazy Samurai Japanese Steakhouse N Sushi Bar is located on 7south a block north of Amity Road in a non-descript small and quaint building.  Forget the outside, you will love the ambiance inside as it’s really cool.  Patrick and his wife Angelina returned to Hot Springs to open this business after working many years at other Japanese steakhouses.  Their loss is our gain. You would be crazy not to try it!

9:45pm…It now feels like football weather!

Crazy Samurai Hot Springs – By: Brad Hudgens

Hot Springs Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi, is one of my favorites