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Maegan & Bryceson Nunley

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Hot Springs weddings Maegan and Bryceson Nunley Wedding         TEXT bY Frances Iverson Photography Courtesy: Whtney Bower www.whitneybower.com

The Courtship:

Who could predict that a college course schedule would serve as the link between two students destined to meet and marry? Maegan Moon and Bryceson Nunley were enrolled in the same Calculus I course as Freshmen at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. They met during the first week of class, and over time they became very good friends.

Maegan and Bryceson had many things in common, which made this pair exponentially special. They had similar interests and attended sporting events with friends. They had comparable upbringings (Maegan in Rose Bud, and Bryceson in Magnet Cove.) They both wanted to become engineers. Sounds like their compatibility was an equation for love!


The Proposal:

Maegan and Bryceson dated for about two years and moved to Waxahachie,Texas in the meantime.  Though they were busy settling in and working at their engineering jobs, they were committed to having a wedding in their home state. They agreed upon a wedding in centrally-located Hot Springs for the families’ convenience. They wanted their ceremony to be held in the Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens; the botanical, natural beauty was an ideal match for Maegan’s vision of garden-themed decor.

After talks of a wedding, Maegan and Bryceson went jewelry shopping together. Once the ring had been purchased, Maegan wanted to have it right away, but Bryceson had Maegan wait until the moment was just right. “The proposal was comfortable and intimate since it was at home,” Maegan says with delight. The happy couple soon began devising the formula for the perfect wedding celebration.

Hot Springs weddings Maegan and Bryceson Nunley Wedding         TEXT bY Frances Iverson Photography Courtesy: Whtney Bower


The Wedding:

During their sixteen month engagement, Maegan and Bryceson worked diligently deciding each memorabledetail of the wedding. By their wedding date of April 12, 2014, everything was confirmed and the celebration was perfect.

The wedding ceremony was traditional, yet personalized. “My uncle performed the ceremony,” Maegan beams. “He knows me very well, so he added a personal touch; it turned out perfect.” The chapel was decorated with an array of tulips and hydrangeas to match the already beautiful scenery of the gardens in full bloom. The color scheme was plum, midnight blue, and ivory. The wedding party exuded elegance with the men sporting tuxedos from King of Hearts. “The men wore boutonniérs of ivory roses with midnight blue ribbon wrapped around the stem,” says Maegan.

The wedding party included Maegan’s sister, her two best friends, her future niece, Bryceson’s two brothers, and two of his best friends. The wedding coordinator for the day of the wedding, Heather Cox, was also a friend of Maegan’s. “Heather and I grew up in the same town,” explains Maegan. “Heather has experience with events and owns a small business, so she was a tremendous help with everything.”

Hot Springs weddings Maegan and Bryceson Nunley Wedding         TEXT bY Frances Iverson Photography Courtesy: Whtney BowerMaegan wanted her wedding to feel personal, for “everyone to feel important and special.” She compliments the many people who worked hard to help her vision come to fruition.  Working with Whitney Bower Imaging, Maegan was very pleased with her portraits and photographs. Special Touch Catering provided the cuisine for the reception; Maegan raved not only about the food, but also the communication and organization throughout the planning process. Ambrosia Bakery made a picture-perfect white cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese icing. The rehearsal dinner at Jahna’s Italian Restaurant was excellent, and the bridesmaids’ brunch at Zoe’s Eatery was a charming and welcome addition to the day of celebration.

“Everything was perfect!” Maegan exclaims about the wedding. “The weather was perfect, everyone looked great, and everything happened so smoothly.”


The Honeymoon:

Mr. and Mrs. Bryceson Nunley spent their honeymoon in Las Vegas, Nevada. Staying at the luxurious Bellagio Hotel, the newlyweds enjoyed multiple theatre productions and culinary indulgences. Maegan assured, “We had a blast!”

So, you do the math… Perfect couple plus perfect wedding equals the beginnings of an extraordinary marriage, and a  formula for love!



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